Pregnancy can seem like such a long journey, but once you find our you’re expecting you’re usually only 7 or 8 months away from adding that new person (or people) to your family’s story. Documenting this fleeting time in your life is a wonderful keepsake and a way to press pause on this unique moment in time.

Full Maternity Session

  • 1.5-2 hour session
  • Outdoor or Studio Location
  • Multiple Outfit Looks
  • Access to my ever growing client closet

  • 25 fully edited digital images & print release
  • Can include members of your immediate family. 
  • 15% off Full or Petite Newborn Session if booked at the same time

Mini Maternity Session

  • 30-40 minute session
  • Outdoor or Studio Location

  • One Outfit Look
  • Access to my ever growing client closet
  • 15 fully edited digital images and print release
  • Pictures of Mother Only

Split Session Add-On

  • Can't Choose between studio or outdoors? Add on a split session and you can do both. 
  • Can be done on different days for different hair/makeup looks

Have some questions? 
I have some answers. 

When Should I Book?
  • The best time to book is around the beginning of your second trimester. This is also a great time to book your newborn photos!
  • Those who book a full maternity session with a full or petite newborn session are eligible for a 15% discount on their maternity session. 
  • Usually pictures are scheduled around the 7-7.5 month mark. I like to do them around this time before you start getting too uncomfortable at the end of your pregnancy and so if we have to reschedule for any reason we’re not getting too close to your due date.

What's the Difference Between a Full and a Mini Maternity Session?
  • Full maternity sessions are best for those looking to include their spouse/partner and/or any other children they might have. It also allows more time for outfits and lots of candids. 
  • The mini maternity session is great for those that want a few pictures of themselves to remember this time, or, for someone who values professional photography but is also respectful potential budget restraints.

Where Will My Session Be?
  • Outdoor Sessions: Outdoor sessions take place on weeknights the hour or so before sunset. I have a lot of pretty areas that we can shoot at but would love to hear if you had somewhere specific in mind! 
  • Outdoor sessions are bright and glowy and if the sun is out I will for sure use it to enhance your photos.  
  • Studio Sessions: Studio sessions take place during the week in the mid to late morning at my cozy in-home studio here in Austin, MN.   
  •  “What if I want both studio and outdoor?” We can do that! It’s actually a great way to treat yourself and get a wide variety of looks. Lots of people like to go flowy dress and family for outdoor and then do something fun by themselves for studio. Split sessions usually take place on separate dates and this add on is $125.   
  • Indoor sessions I use paper backdrops on a variety of colors to create a modern, clean look that lets all the focus be on you.

What Can I Wear (or not wear...) at My Session?
  • I’m currently building a Client Closet for maternity sessions! I have many outfits on hand and am always looking to add more. If you book far enough in advance we might be able to work together to purchase something special for your session. If you’d like to provide your own outfit, that’s also fine! 
  • I have a variety of fabrics used in studio sessions for draping and tossing. If there is a certain color you’d like and I don’t have let me know! If there’s time before your sessions I’ll get it ordered. 
  • Wondering about more exposed maternity photos? They can be a beautiful way to show off the amazing things your body is capable of. Let me know if this is something you’d like to do and we can plan that into your session. We’ll plan anything you need to bring, what you might want to keep wearing to feel comfortable, and all those little details so you can feel amazing and confident at your session!

What Happens After My Session?
  • Images are delivered via an online gallery. You’ll receive a proofing gallery within 14 days of your session from which you can select your final images. 
  • If there are some images you just can’t leave behind you’re able to purchase additional images from your gallery. 
  • After you pick your final images send me an email or message to let me know and I’ll begin editing your final gallery. 
  • Unlike some photographers who batch edit their photos and don’t take care to edit each photo individually, I treat each of your final selections like what it is…. a picture you love of someone you love.   
  • I go through each picture you’ve selected and hand edit it. I adjust the light, colors, and even pay attention to the eyes on each person’s face to make sure each of your photographs is the special thing you were hoping and looking for when you hired me. I treat each one like it could be hung as art in your living room or shown to your grandchildren 30 years from now.  


You session is not confirmed until the non-refundable retainer fee been paid in full and the contract has been signed.

All photographs are copyrights of The Southern North Photography and it is illegal to copy, scan, submit into contests, manipulate, crop, edit or reproduce any images without written permission whether purchased or not.

Please don’t come to your session sick. If there is an illness we can reschedule for a time that works for both parties (Client and Photographer). 

Prices and discounts subject to change at any time.


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